Mango Carabao Tea

The aromatic taste of exotic fruits, especially mango and citrus notes, gives this tea a special touch.

Quantity : 12 Capsules
Tea Aroma
: Bergamot,Jackfruit,Mango
Tea Strength : Medium

Mango Carabao Tea

The refreshing mango aroma and citrus notes in every cup leave a delicious and lasting impression.

Recyclable and progressive

Manufactured by professional craftsmen, using modern technology and European quality equipment.

The Meama Multi capsule

Each multi-capsule contains an advanced filter with the ideal amount of coffee or tea. It has an airtight seal that excludes oxygen, light and moisture. This preserves the freshness of our products.

#5 Recyclable capsules

Meama's multi-capsules are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene plastic, also known as No. 5 plastic.